Forged For Fishing
We're as driven to fish as you are. It's a passion. A fever. A fire. For you, fishing is as serious as it gets. Whatever the weather, your out there. Getting on fish. Honing the pattern. Following the bite. And catching fish, even when the other guys aren't.
That's way you run an Alumacraft. Because it's not about fancy. It's about function and performance. Rugged reliability. It's a boat as driven to fish as you are. And its sole purpose it to help you get - every time you head out.
Established in 1946, Alumacraft is the first name in hard core aluminum fishing boats, designed specifically for fisherman. No wimpy fish 'n skis. No fat pontoons. Just tough, die-hard fishing machines.
All Welded Jon Boats
For work or for play. Alumacraft all-welded jon boats are as tough as they come. And talk about versatile. Center consoles. Side consoles. Storage options. Tunnel hulls. Whichever layout you choose, you know you're running the best you can buy.
Riveted Jon Boat
Lighter and more affordable than our all-welded jons, Alumacraft features 20 riveted models to choose from, and plenty of optional layouts and accessories let you rig up to match your style of fishing. And they're all tough enough to take whatever punishment you dish out.
Crappie Jon
Panfish are the most popular game fish in North America, and these specialized designs reflect that enthusiasm. The Crappie Pro features full electronics, dry storage, and takes up to 75 hp. The Crappie Series are tough and stable and let you work the length of the boat on either side. And if you fish with kids, you know how important that is.
VT stands for Value/Totable, and that's just what they are. Light, classic open bench design. No-nonsense, no-frills fishing boats you can haul in the back of a pickup or on top of a car. You see them everywhere, and almost every boat company makes them. But there's a big advantage here. This one says Alumacraft on the side. And that makes all the difference in the world.
Whether you're camping and fishing in the Boundary Waters, plying a rushing river, or just cruising the lake with a trolling rod tucked under your knee. Alumacraft makes a canoe to fill the bill. Choose from six models, each designed to make paddling easier and more stable. And just as with any Alumacraft, they're rugged, durable, and built to last a lifetime.
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