American Sail

American 14.6 Daysailer
Designed for the beginning sailor or those seeking a large, stable sloop that offers hassle free sailing. This sturdy deep cockpit daysailer features a 6' 2" beam, glass kick-up rudder, weighted glass centerboard, and a large built-in storage compartment under the deck. The large cockpit offers room for four adults with generous freeboard, comfortable seat and back rest, and includes locations for two drink coolers at the end of the seats. The hull is designed to be 80% self-bailing and floats high in the water with a minimum 4" draft when empty. Simplicity is enhanced with color coded main and job lines and features simple up and down colored lines for centerboard control. The tabernacle mast allows for quick stepping and easy retrieval at the end of the day. The 14.6 is also equipped with an advanced rudder system that can be raised or lowered from the cockpit and designed to kick-up and spring down as necessary.
American 18
The American 18 Daysailer is ideal for those seeking a spacious and comfortable daysailer without giving up speed and performance. The wide beam and flat bottom planing hull allow the boat to sail flat with minimal heel yet provide exceptional performance in a light breeze or a heavy wind. Option features include spinnaker package, roller furling jib, travel cover, mooring cover and motor mount.
Aqua Finn
The ideal performance daysailor for use by the inexperienced as well as the seasoned skipper. Designed for multi-person use, or family situations where a durable, simple sailing craft is desired.
Aqua Cat 12.5
The Aqua Cat 12.5 features newly designed pontoons with curved up bows and a rolled cap gunwhale hull to deck joint thus eliminating the need for a vinyl rub rail. Inside the pontoon closed cell foam floatation insures a measure of safety and minimizes water absorption. Offered in white hulls with red side stripes or light blue hulls with white side stripes and white decks. The new hull design offers increased performance and efficiency.
Aqua Cat 14
The Aqua Cat 14 is similar to the 12.5 but has a crew capacity of 4 adults or maximum of 1000 lbs. The Aqua Cat 14 also looses the dagger boards being replace by 2 long keels. Ideal for the bays on Long Island. The Aqua Cat 14 gives a better ride than most even in rougher water. This is definitely the captains choice.
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