Aqua Cat 12.5 Catamaran
The updated and improved version of one of America's most popular catamarans. The Aqua Cat 12.5 is the latest modification of the original Aqua Cat design produced since 1961. It's the go anywhere, to anything family fun catamaran. From hull flying to lazy day cruising this cat has it all. Sailed single handedly or with a crew this Aqua Cat offers performance, stability and fun for all ages. Aqua Cat 12.5 is one of the simplest small sailboats available today.
The boomless sail rig supported by the tubular "A" frame provides safety and simplicity not found in traditional wire shroud designs. One sheetline and a simple dual tiller arrangement result in sailing simplicity. The 28 sq. ft. Trampoline deck offers stretch out room for four. Weighing in at just 195 lbs the Aqua Cat 12.5 can easily be car topped or trailered. The telescoping mast and simple "A" frame rig allow for quick stepping of the mast by a 90lb person. From the car to the beach its ready to sail in a matter of minutes.
Constructed of hand laid fiberglass with anodized spars and stainless steel fasteners maintenance is easy. Positive foam floatation in each hull provides a measure of confidence and safety. In addition, the floatation ball on the top of the mast offers an added measure of safety in the event of capsize.
Length 12' 6" Beam 6.5"
Draft 5" - 24" Sail Area 90 sq ft
Mast Height 2' Weight 195 lbs
Racing Crew 1 -4 Capacity 2 - 4