Oil and Engine Care
You count on your engine to give you everything it's got, every second you're on the water, now - and five years from now. No exception, no compromises.
No Problem. Just maintain it with oil and engine care products from Evinrude/Johnson genuine parts.
Why choose Evinrude/Johnson when there's an ocean of bottles and jugs on the shelf? Just remember: look-alike and sound-alike doesn't mean work-alike.
Every year, out engineers spend 200,000 hours formulating and testing our products to provide the ultimate engine performance and longevity. In extensive field test, out oil has provided better lubrication and protection of our outboard engines than standard TC-W3 oils. Out lubricants help prevent corrosion and engine wear while maintaining top performance.
Bottom line: with Evinrude/Johnson products, your engine will run better, start easier, burn cleaner and - best of all - last longer.
Insist on Evinrude/Johnson oil and engine care products. You won't be disappointed.
The Best Oil For Your Engine. Period.

At Top speed, your engine is working hard and fast - injectors, pistons, rings and rods all cycling up to 100 times in a single second. The engineers at Evinrude/Johnson Genuine Parts understand what it takes to keep these parts moving:

Ficht Ram Injection Oil
An oil specially formulated to exceed expectations under the harshest conditions. A top shelf oil for top-notch performance.

  • Features breakthough CarbX technology.
  • Maximizes performance and engine life.
  • Cleaner combustion - exceeds NMMA TC-W3 requirements.
  • Formulated for direct injection (DI) and carborated outboards.

Extra Detergency. Extra Performance.

Evinrude/Johnson XD25 Oil will provide superior performance for all Evinrude and Johnson outboards - both premix and oil injection engines.

  • Minimizes carbon build-up
  • Reduces deposits and wear on prisons and bearing surfaces
  • 10% synthetic additive
  • Exceeds NMMA TC-W3 requirements - with a 25% greater detergency level for cleaner, more efficient performance.

For All 4-Strokes. For All Conditions. Especially High Load.

Ultra 4-Stroke
Synthetic Blend Oil from Evinrude/Johnson is specially formulated to match the needs of all 4-stroke outboards, even in the harshest boating environments.

  • Sludge protection for cleaner, more efficient engines
  • Better fuel economy and power
  • Additive package for reduced wear and superior corrosion protection

Better For The Enviroment. And Your Engine.

Biodegradable Oil
Biodegradable oil from Evinrude doesn't smoke, doesn't smell and doesn't leave a sheen on the water's surface. And it's just as good for your engine as it is for the environment.

  • Stops carbon deposits
  • Prevents cylinder wall scuffing and sticking
  • Six times more biodegradable than mineral-based lubricants

Oil Terminology

TC-W3 Standard:
A minimum quality standard that marine oils must meet for engines running on today's fuels.

The ability of additives to clean the engine of harmful carbon build-up and deposits.

Chemical formulas added to the oil to increase performance, cleanliness and engine life.

Direct Injection:
A fuel charge is injected directly into the combustion chamber.

Refers to the number of strokes the piston makes in the cylinder to complete on power cycle. Moving the piston from the top to the bottom of the cylinder is one stroke.

Refers to the entire power cycle of intake, compression, power and exhaust.

Four-Stroke Cycle:
Four strokes of the piston deliver one power cycle.

Two-Stroke Cycle:
Two strokes of the piston deliver one power cycle.


Evinrude/Johnson lubricants are formulated to be the best marine engine lubes on the market - for gearcases, propeller shafts, throttles, you name it. In fact, they're just as useful off the water in your boat trailer wheel bearing, from shop to shore, use these lubricants for top performance.

Lack-Of-Lube Hazards:

Occurs when carbon deposits form in the combustion chamber, causing the piston rings to crack. Piston temeratures rise, eventually swelling and seizing in the cylinder bore.

Occurs when carbon deposits retain enough heat to ignite the fuel mixture before the proper time.

No Carbon. No Gumming. No Problem.

Engine Tuner
To prevent harmful carbon, gum and varnish build-up, use our Engine Tuner once every 50 hours of operation. Just spray through the carburetor intake of any 2 or 4-cycle engine.

Works When Your Engine Is Resting.

Storage Fogging Oil
Specially formulated for off-season storage to prevent rust and corrosion of internal engine parts. Evinrude/Johnson Storage Fogging Oil is not only recommended for all outboard motors and 4-cycle marine engines - it's also great for snowmobiles, PWC's, and lawn & garden equipment!

Heavy Protection For The High Seas.

DPL Light Duty Penetrating Lubricant.
The DPL means "displacing, penetrating and lubricating" - as in displacing water (drying wet parts), penetrating rust and lubrication all types of moving components. And it's excellent for drying electrical wires and distributor caps. A great multi-purpose lube that provides better anti-corrosion protection than common lubricant sprays.

Six Vital Purposes. In One Product.

6-IN-1 Heavy Duty Penetrating Lubricant.
With our 6-IN-1 Heavy Duty Penetrating Lubricant, you'll get a cleaning, water displacing, penetrating, rust preventing, high film strength and anti-wear lubricant. Tough, long lasting anti0rust and anti-corrosion protection (all the way down to -40ºF). It's excellent in salt water, and won't harm electrical contacts, rubber, vinyl, wood or paint. Use it in boats, motors, trailers, cars - even around the house. Available in 12 oz. cans and one quart bottles.

A Specialized Lube For Special Engine Areas.

Silicone Spray
Silicone Spray lubricates belts, hinges, trailer hitches and winches. It minimizes corrosion on battery terminals and helps waterproof ignition systems. Excellent in restoring and protecting vinyl seats and tops.

The Factory Trusts It. So Can You.

Ultra-HPF Gearcase Lubricant
The "HPF" stands for "High Performance Formula." It provides longer gear and bearing life, reduces heat build-up and helps prevent gear case failures. Its lower viscosity improves cold weather performance. The same lubricant used to fill the gear cases at our factory.

Waterproof Grease. That's Right, Waterproof.

Triple-Guard Grease
Most marine greases are "water resistant," Out Triple-Guard Grease is waterproof. There's a big difference. Our "super blue" formula not only lubricates and protects engine parts - it won't wash away or get thrown off by engine and boat vibration. Excellent grease for everything from propeller shafts and hose clamps to throttle and shift cables.

For The Wheels That Haul Your Boat.

Wheel-Bearing Grease
Your outboard isn't the only thing that requires adequate lubrication. Extreme Pressure Wheel-Bearing Grease is designed specifically for boat trailer wheel bearings, heavily loaded bearings and ares where water exists. It provides excellent protection in severe conditions - it won't thin down and run out of bearings, and won't wash out in fresh water or salt water.

Corrosion Treatments

Evinrude/Johnson engines come standard with corrosion protection from the factory, but over time, air and water can still take their toll. Left unchecked extreme temperatures, dampness and slat spray can lea to corrosion, rust and poor engine performance. Beat the elements and keep your engine running strong with anti-corrosion treatments from Evinrude/Johnson Genuine Parts.

Fuel Treatments

Your fuel system has a big job to do. Make sure it performs to your high expectations with Evinrude/Johnson Fuel Treatments. You'll get a cleaner-running, more efficient engine. And you'll enjoy more quality time on the water as a result. Treat your engine right.

Heavy Duty Gearcase Oil. Period.

Hi-Vis Gearcase Lubricant
Hi-Vis Gearcase Lubricant offers exceptional protection in wet conditions. Use it, and get reduced friction and wear under all conditions; your hear box will run cooler; gear oil life will be extended; sludge, gum and rust accumulation are reduced. It doesn't get much better than that.

A Lube For Smooth And Quit Operation.

Power Trim & Tilt Fluid
Our Power Trim & Tilt Fluid is specially formulated to ensure proper pump performance and seal life in all Evinrude and Johnson power trim/tilts and Stern Drive power steering units. Available in 12 oz. tubes and gallon containers.

Carbon Is Your Engine's Enemy. Fight It.

Carbon Guard
A little carbon build-up is normal for any engine. But get too much, and you're suddenly dealing with piston ring sticking, poor performance and decreased engine life. The solution? Carbon Guard, 12 oz. treats up to 96 gallons of gas.

For A Cleaner, Meaner Fuel System.

Fuel Systems Cleaner
When fuel impurities are causing fuel injectors and carburetors to gum-up, freeze up or plan ol' not work right, use Fuel Systems Cleaner. It's great for cleaning injectors and removing intake valve deposits. For clean-up, use a 12 oz. bottle to treat 12 to 15 gallons of gas. To prevent trouble in the first place, add 12 oz. to every 45 gallons of gas.

Don't Remove Fuel - Remove The Hassles.

2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner
Draining fuel for storage isn't the easiest job around. Fortunately, it's totally unnecessary with 2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner. Our conditioner will prevent gum and varnish deposits from forming in the fuel system - and remove any moisture that develops. This helps prevent spark plug fouling, carburetor icing and the deterioration of fuel system components - not to mention the gasoline itself! Use it on all 2- and 4-cycle engines, marine and non-marine.

Do It Yourself Maintenance Tips

Products What it will do When to use it
2 + 4 Fuel Conditioner Reduces detenation of fuel system components and slows chemical breakdown of gasoline. Minimizes formation of gum, varnish deposits and moisture in the fuel system. Off-season storage,
Engine Tuner Helps remove gum and varnish build-up and excessive carbon deposits on rings, pistons, valves and ports. Preseason service,
Mid-season maintenance
Triple-Guard Grease Keeps engine components well-lubricated. Waterproof. Won't be affected by vibration, salt water or cold temperatures. Preseason service,
Mid-Season maintenance
Gear Lube Reduces friction and war under all conditions; gear box runs cooler; extends gear oil life; reduces sludge , gun and rust. Off-season storage,
Mid-season maintenance
Storage Fogging Oil Minimizes rust and corrosion of internal engine parts during storage. Off-season storage
Quick Connect Flush Valve Allow you to easily flush out your engine. Attach this valve, tighten and attach the hose. No twisting, no hassle. Routine maintenance
Carbon Guard Minimizes carbon deposits on piston rings and intake valves. In-season

American Sail

American 14.6 Daysailer
Designed for the beginning sailor or those seeking a large, stable sloop that offers hassle free sailing. This sturdy deep cockpit daysailer features a 6' 2" beam, glass kick-up rudder, weighted glass centerboard, and a large built-in storage compartment under the deck. The large cockpit offers room for four adults with generous freeboard, comfortable seat and back rest, and includes locations for two drink coolers at the end of the seats. The hull is designed to be 80% self-bailing and floats high in the water with a minimum 4" draft when empty. Simplicity is enhanced with color coded main and job lines and features simple up and down colored lines for centerboard control. The tabernacle mast allows for quick stepping and easy retrieval at the end of the day. The 14.6 is also equipped with an advanced rudder system that can be raised or lowered from the cockpit and designed to kick-up and spring down as necessary.
American 18
The American 18 Daysailer is ideal for those seeking a spacious and comfortable daysailer without giving up speed and performance. The wide beam and flat bottom planing hull allow the boat to sail flat with minimal heel yet provide exceptional performance in a light breeze or a heavy wind. Option features include spinnaker package, roller furling jib, travel cover, mooring cover and motor mount.
Aqua Finn
The ideal performance daysailor for use by the inexperienced as well as the seasoned skipper. Designed for multi-person use, or family situations where a durable, simple sailing craft is desired.
Aqua Cat 12.5
The Aqua Cat 12.5 features newly designed pontoons with curved up bows and a rolled cap gunwhale hull to deck joint thus eliminating the need for a vinyl rub rail. Inside the pontoon closed cell foam floatation insures a measure of safety and minimizes water absorption. Offered in white hulls with red side stripes or light blue hulls with white side stripes and white decks. The new hull design offers increased performance and efficiency.
Aqua Cat 14
The Aqua Cat 14 is similar to the 12.5 but has a crew capacity of 4 adults or maximum of 1000 lbs. The Aqua Cat 14 also looses the dagger boards being replace by 2 long keels. Ideal for the bays on Long Island. The Aqua Cat 14 gives a better ride than most even in rougher water. This is definitely the captains choice.
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