Where Power And Water Meet.
The propeller is the single most important performance part on your engine.
The right prop will get you to the fishing hole, hold a steady course in big water, pull a skier as if he where weightless. The wrong prop will affect performance: lowering top-end speed, increasing fuel consumption and potentially causing engine damage.
How to make sure your prop is the right one? By understanding that one propeller does not fit all boats. All water. Or all situations.
Getting maximum power from your prop depends on the boat and engine it's mounted on, the job it's doing and the water condition. What jets you across the shallows is not ideal for breaking through big water.
We've engineered propellers for multiple applications. Read on to learn which prop works best for you. Or see your dealer.
Remember, there's one thing all the best props have in common. The legendary Evinrude/Johnson name.
Pontoon Boats

First In Quality, Stability, Endurance.
Introducing a new high-thrust prop designed and manufactured to meet the specific performance needs of Pontoon Boats and work boats. This three-blade prop provides an oversized blade area for maximum thrust and stability (it will keep its grip even when most of the weight is near the bow) and aggressive cupping for tight, balanced turning. The result? A high-thrust prop that bites the water and hangs on tight.

  • Aggressive cupping holds tight in turns
  • Big blade area for high reverse thrust
  • Special blade contour delivers maximum thrust in any water conditions

Aluminum Propeller

Nobody has a better reputation for strong, durable Aluminum props than Evinrude/Johnson. A special baked-on powder paint is used to provide added corrosion protection.

  • Precision die casting
  • Maximum strength
  • Minimum vibration

Renegade Bass

Last One To The Fishing Hole Isn't Using This Prop.
When speed counts, count on the Renegade Bass prop. Sharp leading edges and contoured cupping bite and hold the water. The innovative four-blade design provides a ride that's smooth, powerful and fast. Ideal for bass tournament style boats.

  • Ultimate performance 4-blade bass boat prop
  • Superior hole shot for tournament loads
  • Reduced steering torque
  • Exceptional mid-range power characteristics
  • V4 and V6 engines

Renegade Offshore

Big Performance For Big Water.
When you need a prop that can hold course straight and true in all water conditions, trust the Renegade Offshore prop to maintain compass headings and stay on hooked up in big water. Designed for heavier and twin-engine boats as well as runabouts.

  • Ultimate performance 4-blade offshore and runabout propeller
  • Stays on plane with minimum RPM
  • Tracks true in all water conditions
  • Less vibration and improved fuel economy
  • V6 engines


It Looks Fast Just Standing Still.
Looking for a plane fast - and run faster? The Raker prop is specially designed for building up engine RPM's and getting you on plane faster. A great prop in surfacing conditions, especially when the boat is running over 50 M.P.H. Perfect for bass boats and high performance boats.

  • Fast, fast, fast
  • Custom cupped, high raked blade for superior bow lift and exceptional top end speed
  • Special vent holes for powerful acceleration
  • V4 and V6 engines


The Stainless Steel Prop That Started It All.
And the SST prop still tops its class. Five times stronger than an aluminum prop, so the blades can be cast thinner with no sacrifice in quality. Slim blades provide a cleaner bite and higher max. speed. Outstanding durability and high performance make the SST an incredible value.

  • Fast planning, versatile 3-blade prop
  • Cupped blades provide superior performance
  • Ideal upgrade from aluminum
Propeller Terminology:

The distance a propeller travels with on complete revolution. Lower pitch props create less forward travel with each revolution (ideal for propelling big boats and heavy loads). In contrast, higher pitch props produce less low speed "pulling" power and slower acceleration, but more top-end speed.

The tilt angle of the blade's tip, toward or away from the gearcase. (Progressive Rake means that the blade is curved as well as tilted). On fast, lightweight boats, a higher rake prop should hold the bow higher out of the water, producing less contact with the water and more speed.

The curved lip on the trailing edge of a blade, found on many propeller designs. Propellers with cupped blades excel in sharp turns and "hold" the water better.

What Makes
Our Props Better?

A prop is a prop, right? Wrong. There are props. And there are Evinrude/Johnson props.
The same 80 years of commitment, experience and quality we've built into our Evinrude and Johnson engines have been built right into our propellers. Our prop engineers work side by side with our outboard engineers every step of the way, from concept to design through hydrodynamic testing all the way into manufacturing.
The result? Propellers made of aircraft-grade stainless steel or special die-cast aluminum alloy. One-piece castings, eliminating the weakness of welded blades. Optimum blade thickness, for a perfect balance of speed and durability.
Not only are these propellers engineered to fit the exacting specifications and performance needs of any Johnson or Evinrude outboard - they may just be the best propeller for ANY outboard, period.

Rule Of Three:
Got A Spare?

It's a fact of boating that sooner or later your prop will get dinged or dented. It's also a fact that the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Imperfect props can cause excessive vibration and create the potential for engine damage. They can also create problems getting back to port. The solution: always have three props on hand - one on the boat and two spares (so when on winds up in the shop, you'll still have one in reserve).

Which propeller
is right for you?

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Bites The Water And holds On Tight.
If you want the Viper prop. It's longer swept blades and a larger diameter give this prop a better grip on the water, faster acceleration and greater top end speed. Excellent on any recreational boat, from runabouts and cruisers to deck boats.

  • Versatile 3-blade performance
  • Custom high luster finish
  • Balance of speed and durability
  • V4 and V6 engines
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