It's been fifty years since EZ Loader came out with it’s first revolutionary boat trailer – and as they often say, “the rest is history.”
Along the way, the company invented the first roller trailer, established a national/international dealer/distribution network, and was awarded many patents for innovations too numerous to mention.
Today, the company is still the leader in the boat trailer industry, with exciting new products and options that keeps EZ Loader #1 in the hearts of boating enthusiasts everywhere.
This year introduces a national rollout of I-beam aluminum boat trailers in both singleaxle, tandem and tri-axle models. They offer the same EZ Loader quality with the towing advantages of non-corrosive aluminum.
Since EZ Loader is the pioneer of all roller trailers, it’s only fitting that a special new roller
has been developed featuring a cushioned dual-density non-marking patented design that’s guaranteed to take the industry by storm.
And even though EZ Loader’s Two Year Limited Warranty is the benchmark of boat trailer value, you can now extend the protection for up to two additional years! Our exciting new Two Year Extended Warranty Program is now available at a surprisingly low cost.
Don’t forget about EZ Loader’s exciting Stateof-the-Art Electric Drum Brakes or our new corrosion-resistant Silver Cad Disk Brakes that are ideal for tough salt-water conditions. Or that many trailers now come in four different color choices. Plus, there’s a new look for the 2003 Custom Graphic Decals that will compliment any boat-trailer-vehicle package. EZ Loader Boat Trailers. A 50 year tradition of innovative design. Extraordinary engineering. Quality. Value. And rugged dependability.

Options and Exchanges
Upgrades and extra options for your EZ Loader trailer.
More information about the some of the EZ Loader features.
Single Axle Roller
1,250 - 3,700 Lbs.
12 - 24 Feet
Single Axle Bunk
600 - 3,700 Lbs.
12 - 24 Feet
Tri & Tandem Roller
3,500 - 11,500 Lbs.
15 - 36 Feet
Tri & Tandom Bunk
3,500 - 11,800 Lbs.
15 - 36 Feet
Limited Series Roller
1,650 - 4,700 Lbs.
14 - 25 Feet
Limited Series Bunk
1,480 - 4,700 Lbs.
13 - 24 Feet
Water Vehicle Trailers
600 - 3,300 Lbs.
1 - 4 Unit Capacity
Pontoon Trailers
2,075 - 4,750 Lbs.
16 - 28 Feet
Aluminum Trailers
1,700 - 12,000 Lbs.
14 - 32 Feet
Custom Trailers
600 - 12,000 Lbs.
16 - 32 Feet
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