Suzuki Redefining 4-Stroke
Outboard Power

Back in 1998, we introduced our first fuel-injected 4-stroke outboard. Today we offer an all 4-stroke line up of 40 powerful models, including 21 models with advanced electronic fuel injection.. Each step along the way, Suzuki engineers have redefined 4-stroke outboard power by developing bold new technology and raising the bar above what's expected. This philosophy has earned Suzuki a trophy case of industry awards, including four industry awards for breakthrough innovation. It's also earned us something far more important – the hears and minds of boaters from coast to coast. You can only win this by delivering where it counts – with power, performance and reliability out on the water.
Superior Suzuki technology
equals superior performance.
At Suzuki, we are committed to producing the most technologically advanced outboard motors in the world. Why is that important to you? Because better technology equals better performance, better reliability, better fuel efficiency and less environmental impact. We were the first to introduce a digital EFI 4-stroke for improved response and increased fuel economy. The first to offer engines with dual overhead cams and four-valves-per-cylinder to maximize performance The first to introduce a self-adjusting timing chain to minimize maintenance.
Powerful outboards to get you there,
and get you back.

R.T. Trosset, renowned Key West fishing guide, knows a thing or two about taking a boat offshore. "It can take us hours to get to there we're going. Then, there's a full day of trolling followed by the long trip home. My Suzuki outboards help ensure we get there and back safely."
You're heading offshore with the fuel tanks topped up, the bait tanks full, four guys and a mountain of gear. It takes potent power to make a heavy load like that move across the water and power is what a big Suzuki outboard it all about.
Performance can mean more than one thing. For inshore fisherman, performance means a rapid trip to the next likely spot. Suzuki 4-stroke deliver great low-end torque to get your boat up on plane quickly. If you're trolling, performance means a smooth idle and clean operation so the motor won't load up or hesitate when its time to go.
High-output alternators deliver plenty of juice for radios, fish finders and other electronics. The low-profile design of a Suzuki 4-stroke is easy to fish around and the smooth edges won't snag your line.
Suzuki EFI motors aren't temperamental. They start fast and easy, no matter what the temperature or conditions. And they'll be around season after season thanks to specially engineered coatings, paint, bonding wires and other features that fight corrosion.
Suzuki got the right motor for any environment.
To win a tournament, everything has to go right. And that starts with your motor. When it's time to move, you've got to really hustle or someone could beat you to a prime spot. Suzuki outboards start the first time every time, and they really move across the water. Plus, because they're 4-strokes, they're easy on the environment.
Even in the heat of tournament competition, there's something incredibly peaceful about a day on a lake or a river. And Suzuki outboards are designed to keep the peace. They're unbelievably quiet and smooth running. And they're 4-stroke clean which means you get to enjoy the great outdoors.
Crank on the throttle and it's no more Mr. nice guy. Suzuki outboards deliver incredible hole shots and accelerate across the water when the fish are somewhere else and you've got to get there first. Suzuki outboards employ performance technology developed in our racing motorcycles to deliver crisp acceleration and razor sharp throttle response.
Every Suzuki outboard is fisherman friendly. EFI ensure quick easy starting, no matter what the weather or altitude. Plus, big alternators provide plenty of juice for onboard electronics, even at slow trolling speeds.
Relax, you've got a Suzuki.
It's hard enough getting everyone away for a day on the water. You want to spend your time having fun, not fussing with the motor. Suzuki outboards start every time and always run great. In fact, you never have to worry about the motor - which is just the way it should be.
What's it going to be, some water skiing or pulling the kids in a tube? Maybe you're going to make a fast turn down to your favorite fishing spot. That takes power and Suzuki outboards has what it takes. From ultra-low gear ratios that swing big props, to tuned intake and exhaust systems, Suzuki outboards define marine performance.
One of the nicest ways to spend the day is cruising and talking with your friends, say on a nice comfortable pontoon boat. Suzuki realizes there's a difference between talking and shouting, so every Suzuki 4-stroke outboard runs quiet as a whisper.
From 4 horsepower to 250, all of our 4-strokes have on thing in common: reliability.
Depending on the model you'll find oil coolers, hydraulic timing chain tensioners, water-cooled intake manifolds, and of course, electronic fuel injection.

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