Marine 4 Cycle Engine Oil

This new premium grade 4-cycle engine oil if formulated to provide superior lubricaiton and protection for your four-stroke outboard engine. It also protects internal engine parts from rust and corrosion in harsh marine enviroments.

Part Number Description
99105-10W40-1QT SAE 10W-40 1 Qt Bottles 12 per case
99105-20W50-1QT SAE 20W-50 1 Qt Bottles 12 per case
99105-10W40-55G SAE 10W-40 55 Gallon Drum
Oil Capacity L (Qt)
Models Oil Filter Without Filter With Filter
DF9.9/15 16510-05240* 1.0 (1.1) 1.1 (1.2)
DF25/30 16510-87J00 3.0 (3.2) 3.2 (3.4)
DF40/50 16510-87J00 2.2 (2.3) 2.4 (2.5)
DF60/70 16510-87J00 4.5 (4.8) 4.8 (5.1)
DF90/115 16510-61A20-MHL 5.5 (5.8) 5.7 (6.0)
DF140 16510-82703 5.5 (5.8) 5.7 (6.0)
* "O" Rings 09280-54001 & 09280-13004
Oil Change Periods

1st 20 hours Every 100 hours Every 200 hours
Oil & Filter Oil Oil & Filter
Part Number Description
08248-12007 Oil Drian Plug All Models
09168-12012 Drian Plug Gasket All Models
09915-40611 Oil Filter Wrench All Except DF9.9/15
Marine 2 Cycle Engine Oil

This is a clean burning, high performance oil developed exclusively for Suzuki Oil-Injected and Non-Injected Outboard Motors. Consult owner's manual for mixing instructions. N.M.M.A. TC-W3 certified.

Part Number Decription
99105-51001-1QT 1 Qt Bottles 12 per case
99105-51001-1GL 1 Gallon Bottles 12 per case
99105-51001-5GL 5 Gallon Bottle
99105-51001-55G 55 Gallon Drum
Fogging Oil

The dual corrosion inhibitor system in this oil helps protect internal metal surfaces from rust and corrosion during storage.

Part Number Description
99950-06020 10 oz. Can
Power Trim & Tilt Fluid

This fluid is designed exclusively for Suzuki Power Trim & Tilt Systems.

Part Number Description
9950-06050 12 Fluid oz. Bottle
Hypoid Gear Oil

The gear oil is made to Suzuki's specifications. The gear oil comes in two convenient sizes: 32 ounce and 5 gallon bottles.

Part Number Description
99105-50041 32 oz. Bottle
99105-50046 5 Gallon

Gear Oil Capacity

Models Capacity
DT2 (Short Shaft) 70 cc. 2.4 oz.
DT2 (Long Shaft) 120 cc. 4.0 oz.
DT3.5 85 cc. 2.9 oz.
DT4 190 cc. 6.4 oz.
DF4/6 190 cc. 6.4 oz.
DT5/6/8 240 cc. 11.5 oz.
DT8C/9.9C/9.9CN 175 cc. 5.9 oz.
DF9.9/15 175 cc. 5.9 oz.
DT9.9/15/15C 170 cc. 5.7 oz.
DT20/25/30/30C/35C 230 cc. 7.8 oz.
DF25/30 230 cc. 7.8 oz.
DT40 910 cc. 20.6 oz.
DF40/50 610 cc. 20.6 oz.
DT50/55/60/65 650 cc. 20.2 oz.
DF60/70 600 cc. 20.3 oz.
DT75/85 700 cc. 23.7 oz.
DT90/100 560 cc. 18.9 oz.
DT115/140 1100 cc. 37.2 oz.
DF90/115/140 1050 cc. 35.5 oz.
DT150/175/200/225 1050 cc. 35.5 oz.
Silicone Seal

A clear adhesive sealer with a silicone base.

Part Number Description
99000-31120 1.7 oz. Tube
Suzuki Bond 1207B

Seals crankcase, with an outstanding resistance to heat and oil.

Part Number Description
99000-31120 3.5 oz. Tube
Silicone Lubricant

This Suzuki Silicone Lubricant stops sticking and lubricates rubber.

Part Number Description
99950-06005 11 oz. Can
Penetrating Lubricant Spay

Loosen rusted parts with Suzuki Penetrating Lubricant Spray. Helps start wet engines and protects electrical systems.

Part Number Description
99950-06000 12 oz. Can
Water Resistant Grease

Use this grease on oil seal lips, links and joints of the engine that are below the waterline.

Part Number Description
99000-25160 8.8 oz. Tube
Thread Lock

Prevents nuts and bolts from vibrating loose. Made with the same compounds used to assemble Suzuki Products at the factory. Four strengths for different applicaitons. Easy to use and store in individual 10 cc. containers with different colors for quick identification.

Part Number Strength Application
99000-32020 1333B Medium Bearing and Stud Lock
99000-32030 1303 High Retaining Type
99000-32050 1342 Low Frequent Repair
99000-32130 1360 Medium High Teperature Type
Fuel Conditioner & Water Remover

Keep stored fuel fresh for long periods of time by utilizing this fuel conditioner.

Part Number Description
99950-06010 12 Fluid oz. Bottle
Fuel Injector Cleaner

This cleaner keeps injectors clean and corrosion-free for maximum power. Dessolves gum and varnish.

Part Number Description
99950-06010 12 Fluid oz. Bottle
Brake and Contact Cleaner

The brake cleaner is ideal for cleaning parts. Leaves no residue; dries quickly.

Part Number Description
99950-06060 18 oz. Can
Spray Carburator and Choke Cleaner

Quickly dissolve gum, varnish and carbon deposits for fast and effective cleaning of carburators with this Suzuki Cleaner. It won't leave a filmy residue.

Part Number Description
99950-06030 12.5 oz. Can
Engine Degreaser

Spray on, hose off. Removes grease, grime and oil. Leaves no residue. Harmless to electrical systems.

Part Number Description
99950-06040 18 oz. Can
Heavy Duty Degreaser

This product is a great degreaser and cleaner. Suzuki Performance Heavy Duty Degreaser is great for cleaning grease, oil and grim from outvoards, trailers and other greasy items.

Part Number Description
99105-06110 32 Fluid oz. Bottle

Keep your motor looking its best! Suzuki aerosol lacquer-based, quick-drying paint comes in 13 oz. cans, and is color matched to our outboards.

Part Number Description
99105-00157 Spray Paint, White
99105-00163 Spray Paint, Silver
99105-00153-37J Spray Paint, Gold
99105-60000 Spray Paint, Charcoal
99105-60000-OEP Spray Paint, Shadow Black Metallic
99105-61000-OEP Touch-Up Paint Tube with Brush Applicator
Shadow Black Metalic
99105-61000-Z11 Touch-Up Paint Tube with Brush Applicator
Flax White
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