Drag Link

These long lasting, corrosion resistant stainless steel Drag Links have been specially designed for Suzuki Outboard Motors.

Part Number Application Years
67701-93E10 DF9.9/15 1997-2004
67701-89E00 DT15C 1996-1997
67701-89100 DF25/30 2000-2004
67701-94403 DT25C/30 1989-2000
DT35 1987-1990
67711-97E50 DT25/30/30C/40
Left hand for stick steering boats.
67701-94410 DT40C 1993-1998
67701-87J00 DF40/50 1999-2004
DF60/70 1998-2004
67701-95500 DT55/65 1984-1997
DT75/85 1983-2000
67701-94530 DT115/140 1984-1995
67701-94900 DT115/140 1996-2001
67701-87D01 DT90/100 1989-2000
V6 1986-2003
67701-90J00 DF90/115/140 2001-2004
Steering Cable End Attachment

Use this Steering Cable End Attachment to connect steering cable to outboard motor. Standard on DT120 1986 and DT25/30/40 1984-1993 electric start models. Refer to parts microfiche for additional parts required.

Part Number Application Years
43755-93900 DT8C/9.9/15 1984-1997
43755-93E02-Z11 DF9.9/15 1997-1998
43755-93E02-OEP DF9.9/15 1999-2004
43755-96310 DT20 1986-1988
DT25/30/40 1983-1988
DT25C/30C 1989-2000
43755-89J00 DF25/30 2000-2004
Dual Engine Tie Bar

This 36" long stainless tie bar can be cut to shorter length. Use with DF40 through DF140, DT75 through DT225 except DT115/140.

Part Number
Dual Cable Steering Kit

This kit allows you to attach two steering cables for added reliability to any Suzuki Motor DT75 through DT225, DF60 through DF140.

Part Number
Steering Tensioner

You can preload tension on the tiller handle using this Steering Tensioner for easier operation.

Part Number Application
43770-99E00 DF60/70

Twin Engine Adapter Plate Set

These adapter plates are used when installing a tie bar on a DF90/115/140.

Part Number Application
99105-10005 DF90/115/140

Steering Cable Attachment

This attachment must be used when installing through-tilt-tube steering to ensure steering angles equally to the right and left.

Part Number Description Years
41141-89E00 DT9.9/15 1997-1999
DF9.9/15 1997-2004

Shallow Water Drive

This Shallow Water Drive permits quick, easy tilting of motor in shallow water.

Part Number Application Years
45700-92D01 DT8C/9.9C 1988-1997
45700-93912 DT9.9/15 1984
45700-96301 DT20/25/30 1986-1987
45700-96313 DT25C/30C 1988-2000
45700-94401 DT40 1984

Tiller Handle Kit

This Tiller Handle Kit is designed for easy installation on selected electric start models. Ignition switch, engine stop switches, wiring harness, cables and grommets are included.

Part Number Application Years
63001-93E22-0EP DF9.9/15 1997-2004
63001-95D41-0ED DT25C 1993-1994
DT30C 1993-1994
63001-95D70-0ED DT25C 1995-2000
DT30C 1995-1997
63001-89J05-0EP DF25/30 No PTT Switch 2000-2004
63002-87J05-0EP DF40/50 1999-2004
67701-90J00 DF60/70
with Steering Tensioner
63002-90J01-0EP DF90/115 2001-2004
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