Walker Bay
Advanced engineered designs combining diligent attention to detail with functional innovation make our boats durable, lightweight and a simple pleasure to use.
Walker Bay has developed a menu of custom engineered resins formulated to the specific needs of every component to provide the optimum strength and performance.
High Impact Marine Composite (HIMC) hulls use a specially formulated resin for maximum impact resistance and toughness, with an easy to clean, non-adhesive surface. The lapstrake hull design provides a structural framework for tremendous strength and rigidity.
All Walker Bay boats are manufactured with custom resins that are UV protected for many years of use.
Walker Bay has selected high-pressure injection molding as the optimum manufacturing process for a quality small boat due to the precision and quality of finish unattainable using other methods.
Lightweight and easy to use. Durable and maintenance free.
Innovative design backed by practical experience. Paolo Rista, Walker Bay's head designer, combines talents as an international boat designer and artist with the hands-on knowledge and expertise of a high performance sailer. His own boat, the Open 750, is an inspiration of leading edge design and technology and is a top competitor in the European race circuit.
Original Series
Walker Bay's original series offers a fun, practical boat that is lightweight, easy to handle, expertly engineered and requires no maintenance other than simple cleaning. With a virtually indestructible HIMC hull, Walker Bay boats are perfect for boating with family, a day of fishing or running a summer camp.
Weighing only 71 pounds the Walker Bay 8 is easy for one person to handle in and out of the water. The Walker Bay 10 offers more comfort, space and stability and, weighing only 126 pounds... it's easy for a couple to carry.
Walker Bay boats are built to provide year of effortless rowing, motoring or sailing!
Rigid Inflatable Dinghy
Walker Bay's Rigid Inflatable dinghy (RID) combines the best features of a reliable hard-shell dinghy with the stability and utility of an inflatable. The Variable Profile Design (VPD) tube, unique to Walker Bay, engages with the water only when required. This design allows the sleek bow to gratefully cut though the water under moderate conditions while providing exceptional lateral stability when required.
Classic Series
The Classic combines traditional maritime styling with the practicality and durability found in all Walker Bay products. Outfitted with beautiful teak floors, fore and aft, polished oarlocks and deluxe Hydro Curve oars, the Classic provides elegance without the maintenance and upkeep required in comparable boats.
Sail Kits
All Walker Bay boats convert quickly and easily into a delightful sailing dinghy by using our straightfoward sail kits. Designed to be rigged and on the water in just minutes, the sailing kits come complete with all lines, hardware and quality components required to harness the wind!
Inspired by the leading edge in international sailboat design, our boats have an efficient hull that glides along in light breezes and out moderate sail plan provides control for heavier winds. Whether you are a novice or world champion, you will love the ease of sailing with a Walker Bay Sail Kit.
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